On Father’s Day,

Give Him What He Will Truly Appreciate



Most people who have been involved in a car accident say they never expected it to happen, 

And not every accident has witnesses to describe the exact moment of the incident. According to our survey, 64% of the drivers who have been in an accident experienced others denying liability. However 83% of them said having a dash cam helped them resolve the issue. So, don’t let the liars or deniers get the better of you, because we know you’re telling the truth.


According to a recent survey of USA and Canada, our customer satisfaction was at 89%. This Fathers Day, give him something that he will truly appreciate!


Eyes on Thinkware Dash Cam


AP News “The Q800 PRO is the company’s most feature-rich dash cam to date”



Forbes “Thinkware has been at the cutting edge of the dashcam industry…”



TechRadar “Crystal-clear footage, Great night mode”



Mirror “Undoubtedly in the ‘premier league’ of dashcams”



We’ve put special Father’s Day promotions on some of our favourite dash cams.

*AUTOBARN SALE PERIOD: 19/08/19 to 1/09/19

*SUPERCHEAP AUTO SALE PERIOD: 21/08/19 to 1/09/19